Roots World

Roots World 222

From South Africa to Denmark

RootsWorld Radio #222 begins with music from a trio of musicians from Niger and Brittany, Serendou. We’ll feature 2 tracks, one of which includes tuba player Michel Godard. We’ll carry on from there with ensembles with tuba players, from France and Norway. We will also feature a number of works from an unusual series called "The Bow Project," a series of compositions based on the bow playing and singing of Xhosa (South African) musician Nofinishi Dywili, who accompanied herself on a traditional bow and string instrument called the uhadi. The traditional bow and vocal recordings are paired with new works commissioned and performed by The Nightingale String Quartet from Denmark. From there we’ll move to new work for vocals, percussion and strings from Swedish singer and composer Lena Willemark, and finish with some dance music from Denmark by Ostinat Expressen. More info at